Music Review: Ice Prince/ “Reply Brother”




Ice Prince delivers a soothing response to MI’s “Brother” here. “I no go lie this one dey make me cry, I feel the rush of adrenaline running inside”, raps the “N Word” Star. Stupendous! The moment it entered the digital space, it was always going to be that smash single, a worthy addition that is, into our playlists. Really can’t wait for some visual representations from both Choc dudes, hopefully something drops from one of “Brother” or “Reply Brother” before the year winds down. With some Fan buzz and multi requests on peak shows, this should scratch some major surface from now into the coming months.


Enveloped in same beats and sound pattern as the original song, this Ice effort is a worthwhile rehash that has us entering into the quiet, nostalgic worlds of the brothers. In this vein, might we expect something addressing this sudden “nostalgia” soon from Jesse Jagz? He seems to be the loose cannon of the bunch, perhaps his would be more revealing, going as far as telling us exactly why things aren’t “cool” between all factions anymore, who knows? Okay song in all.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?






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