Music Review: HarrySong/ “Ofeshe”



This is some regular material from HarrySong. Nothing out of the usual, no special effects on the production of this, absolutely nothing. Rather, the sound of it skids off the originality course into something of an old reggae hit from way back, robbing the song of the tiny bits of imagination our man intends for it.


Harry’s singing is fair, but in all there isn’t much on this. Is this going to break any ice? Hard to tell. But judging from the look of things, there isn’t much we can expect in terms of this headlining across major gigs and all that. HarrySong can –and should– do better than this hurried material centering on the already trite subject matter of women and their dancing and wiggling bla bla.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?









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