Music Review: Davido/ “Owo Ni Koko”

davido ONK


This new Davido song is catchy, as the other ones. Though not on the standard of “Dami Duro” or “Skelewu” for instance, still it serves.


He is taking obvious shots at someone and, even though we won’t concern ourselves with that on here, the lines are vivid. He brags, typical Davido style, about how money is everything there is today. Not like we were in doubt anyways. But then it’s fine, artistes will be artistes. Owo Ni Koko is groovy, the back and forth between his husky verses and the soft guitar infusions are a joy to our labyrinths and sensibilities.


The song is original, refreshing and possessing replay qualities, but if you believe the hype in the wake of David’s past mega hits you could find yourself mildly disappointed listening to this. In all though, Owo Ni Koko is banging, finished with both radio-ready and commercially worthwhile colorings. Jam t’o wa okay, though not in that baddest category.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?





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