Music Video Review: RuggedMan F. Wande Coal/ “Agidi”

Rugged Man’s “Agidi” video is fresh and clean as a photo shoot, with ladies strutting and showing their stuff as should be.

We reviewed the song here ( ) earlier when it dropped, and frankly this is nothing but a fitting visual representation to match. Same Ruggedman vibe through and through, he brags here, rhymes there and flashes his ice in between like a dozen times. Typical rapper stuff.


The ladies and their well toned bodies make for a delightful view on “Agidi”, helping tell the story further. Rugged is saying ten years in the game isn’t mean feat, and that current chart trends regardless, he is who he is – which is the HNIC of this movement. Quite some confidence that he’d be needing his music to justify.


“Agidi” is superb based on Stage Craft and interchanging scenes. It gets a pass for Visual Effect and Clarity; but is only average in respects of Concept and Originality. Nothing special is it other than the usual. Cool stuff.




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