Etcetera Writes – Reason Why People Leave Nigeria

The traffic situation on Lagos Island this week has been atrocious. Out of necessity, I had reasons to be on the island everyday of the week.

I had the most harrowing traffic experience on Tuesday. It was so bad that I had to wait in a pub till about 10pm when the roads became decongested. While in the pub, I was accosted by two gentlemen who introduced themselves as admirers of my work. We started a conversation and they told me about their intentions to check out of the country for good. I was curious to know why and they gave quite compelling reasons. These are some of the things they said.


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“We are checking out while we still can. Someday Nigerians will realise that the Nigerian Dream is dead, and that they have been nothing but pawns and slaves to the ruling class. When that day comes, do you think the people in government are going to let them leave? Who will create the wealth for them to loot? Nigeria will soon be locked down under the pretence of something terror-related, and no one will be allowed to leave.



The article was culled from PUNCH.




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