Music Review: Fefe’s “Kilowi” Is A HIT Through And Through




Yes, yes, and yes! Fefe is back (and better, perhaps?) and we love, love, love this sound of hers. “Kilowi”, her recent record in a loooong while, is dopeness coming in just about when we were starting to feel she was done. She seems to have addressed our soliloquies and side-talks with this one, something like saying: “sit your butts and lemme thrill you lots, I’m just getting started”. Interesting.


Bottles clink in the opening seconds of this, morphing into solid beats and proper sequencing, something just grasping enough to make a hit. She is reaching out to a certain love interest of hers; she is asking a question (a rhetorical question of sorts) given her proposals of them chilling together, forever, around the world and things. She promises never to throw thoughts of him away seeing how much he makes her feel special. It is against this backdrop that she asks him his thoughts in the indigenous, pleasurable sounds of “Kilowi”. Bad ass.


The beats are catchy, ordinarily this hovers more on the love side of the continuum; but somehow, Fefe and the Producer manage to integrate club elements into her singing here so that this passes for something the parties can use. Again, bad ass!


I so looooove the sounds and rhythmic effects of Kilowi. A HIT through and through, perhaps the next big thing given some adequate plugging and PR, who knows?






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