Music Review: Naeto C And Flavour Make A Potential Jam Off Helele

Naeto Helele



Not to brag or nothing but with the sound of this it’s safe to add “Helele” to our list of potential hits for the close of 2014. Slow down, detach from the hackneyed buzz out and about today and check the sound of this, then say if you aren’t pleased by a soft treading vibe as this.


Couched on a sleek Afrobeat-type production with underlying saxophone finishing, this new Naeto C record does a lot of good to his 2014 repertoire, a repertoire that coulda closed on a largely dissatisfactory note but for this salvage. This is a smash cut, though with nothing of particular importance in the theme other than praises for a certain lady and her bodily pleasantness features, it still makes for some good listen. You had best get on this and dance away, should be worth your whiles.


Helele is original, African and tailored to the right audiences. Naeto isn’t exactly magnificent on here, but he takes his time and the deliveries are confident and charming enough to let us excuse him. Plus this isn’t one of those songs in which you expect the most lyrical vibes. So, hey, listen to this without expecting too much and you won’t miss the hit of it. Sounds great, hit potentials through and through if you ask us, what say you?


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