Dear OSG Readers: What should i do?

This was sent in by an OSG reader and this is the first ever, Please read and help her out.

Hello Olori, My name is Faith, i work in a consultant film in Lagos state, i am age 28. There is this cute and sexy guy who works close to my office, he is a legal practitioner and one of the best in  the neighborhood.

I first met him, in a fast food restaurant, where i usually have lunch, we happened to order the same kind of food that day and coincidentally sat at the same table. We joked and exchange contact.

One conversation led to another and we became quite close, he is a very principled and Godly person, he is kind and he has got a charming smile too. He is the perfect kind of man i like and i have often times fantasize about us being together.

But the problem is, he sees and treat me like a friend and would not even look at me with a second thought. I don’t know what else to do, as i have often times tried to get his attention but all proved abortive. I have thought of telling him how i feel about him but i am scared that he will turn me down as he is very principled. Please what should i do? as i can’t get him off my mind.

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