We dey wash
Everybody’s always tryna be posh

Pretending like say we dey floss

But if u really check am na wash we dey wash

We dey lie

To look better than the next we try

And everybody is a balling guy

But if u really check am na wash we dey wash

[Chorus] Eldee D Don Wash-Wash
Very dope song by this dope artist {Eldee }, this song is so on point it scores a bulls eye in this piece.

Look around and see how fast people are changing before your very eyes. Garri and sand mixed together, but the packaging na Semovita. Na Wash.

When we say somebody Na Wash, it means that this type of person lives by the mantra: “It’s all about me”. They will always talk about themselves. You will also notice that they brag a lot. Whether it be about themselves, materialistic possessions, what they know, who they know, how well they are doing. Most of the time, the yarns from their mouth are all a pack of lies, but they must keep it coming because that’s the only way they feel a sense of belonging. In short, they will always find something to make them sound better or look better than you. Na Wash.

Everybody’s always tryna be posh

Pretending like say we dey floss

Musicians these days dey ‘flabagas’ me joor. In the business, a hype is to call attention to a particular product you want to sell, or in my case, to challenge the stereo typing synonymous with people who are different. But if a hype becomes a way to announce ones arrival into affluence when you are living in penury, my guy, Na Wash.

Na all musician go be multimillionaires? How does all the unrealistic hypes and fake living credit your account. Abegi!!,



Me? I dont go to the mainland

I stay close to banana Island

Excuse me what is BRT

When in the club i chill in VIP


Huh, Im going to feature Wyclef

Jonathan dey pick my call himself

Ooooh Jay-z too dey ping me jor

I been dey follow Messi play before


Enter Nollywood my guy, you go bow. This is where you see many fine faces without skills and because they must impress and belong, they sleep around with politicians to make ends meet. Yes ooooo, na me talk am. Apart from the few who have really paid their dues, worked hard in Nollywood and have established themselves, a lot of them are doing the RUNS.  Na Wash

How much are they paid for a shoot wey dem just turn to Ajala, today na Dubai, tomorrow London.



Ive never eaten amala

Ive never tasted alomo or paraga

Me? Ive never taken okadaI

Ive never ever had pure water


I only wear human hair o

It’s from Dubai me I don’t ever shop here o

I have four blackberry handsets

Im going to have my wedding in Seychelles


Practically, most things and people in Naija today NA Wash, total lie. If you want to meet enough wash wash people, come to Abuja, that’s where most of them reside, not that they do not exist in other places but Abuja is the centre. Everybody de form wetin dem no be. Kai, my eyes have seen things, the kind of people that exist in Abuja are those who could not cope where the real hustle is. Fake people!

Fake leaders, dem just de carry person dey form mugu. Where they are supposed to perform they ask us to pray. Na Wash.

Will God come down and do the things that they are supposed to do? Nothing works, no good roads, no good government hospitals, no employment, no electricity, nothing, but for every election period, promises are made here and there…but in the end we don’t see any one fulfilled. Na Wash.


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