Rising Afrobeats Star Sona Wrongfully Convicted For Robbery He Did Not Commit

Fast-rising British Nigerian Pop artist and musician SONA – real name Daniel Emifeoluwa – has wrongfully been accused and convicted of a robbery crime he did not commit. The heinous crime was committed on October 18, 2013 (last year) by former semi-professional footballer Rishi Nankani, and the robbery victim picked Nankani out from an identity parade (police lineup), to confirm this. Sona was not involved in the robbery and has only been dragged into this because he was spotted with Nankani later on at a shopping centre, hours after the robbery.

Unfortunately but more importantly, wrongly convicted on Friday, October 31, 2014, Sona and his family have been fighting to prove his innocence and get him released as quickly as possible, but had elected to keep the situation as private and within the family as possible, but with recent erroneous reports published this week, it has become imperative to publicly declare Sona’s innocence and share his side of the story.

In a joint statement from Sona and his family, the London-based rising star insists on his innocence, which he will continue to vehemently proclaim until he is exonerated and his name completely cleared. Sona was categorically nowhere near the scene of the robbery, and there is no concrete evidence placing him at the scene of the robbery, or pointing towards him being involved in the robbery whatsoever.

The prosecution have only inferred that Sona was at the robbery scene because Sona was spotted at a shopping centre in Croydon with Nankani, who was already identified by the victim as the robber. The only other circumstantial suggestion the prosecution put forward against Sona, is a series of phone calls and texts made between himself and Nankani around the period of the robbery.

Nankani even confessed to picking Sona up from the barber shop, away from the robbery scene, before going to the shopping centre in Croydon, disproving the prosecution’s claim that Sona could somehow have been at the scene of the robbery. Sona and his family have vowed to carry on fighting for his freedom and will not be perturbed by reports of the wrongful conviction, because Sona is, without any doubt, innocent of these charges, and has been wrongfully convicted.

Since bursting onto the Afrobeats scene earlier this year with his breakthrough single “No Wahala”, Sona has fast become one of the most promising Afrobeats artists in the UK, with further hit songs such as “Omode Yi” and “Ijo Sona”, with over half a million streams and views across YouTube and Soundcloud in just over six month, BEN TV and BEFFTA Awards nominations, and critical acclaim and support from leading tastemakers including Capital Xtra, BBC 1Xtra, Reprezent FM, Bang Radio, Vox Africa, OkayAfrica, Not Just OK, TooXclusive, Jaguda, 360 Nobs and Pulse NG to mention a few.

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