Music Review: Emmy Ace/ ‘Believer’




Emmy Ace, following his lustrous show on MI’s The Chairman, drops this Reggae something on us. It’s catchy what the beats do on “Believer”.


Emmy takes us into his pursuits of getting this one lady; a lady he says makes him want to spend his cash. He also sings to us that it is her who makes him aim to be a believer. The sound of “Believer” is original, bringing fresh buzz to the playlists; it falls in place like shiny wavy hair brushed to taste, with lewd whisperings.


Emmy’s production of this is attention-worthy; a solo effort of sorts, his vibe opens up a whole new vista in a not-so-Reggae-driven collection of radio sounds today. Repeat-worthy.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?





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