Energy-harnessing soccer ball to generate electricity for rural communities

Football (soccer) is undoubtedly the world’s most popular sport, with fans of the round leather game enjoying and propagating it everywhere around the globe. Apart from the feelings of excitement and a sense of unity the game fosters across the world, there may be another even more profoundly useful benefit waiting to be harnessed that could change the game as we know it.

Uncharted Play, an American tech startup dedicated to building products that create renewable energy, has a plan in place to harness the kinetic energy generated on a kicked football to create off-grid power. Their first product, Soccket, is a soccer ball that, when kicked around, stores energy that can be used to power small appliances. They believe this will prove invaluable in rural communities and third world nations with extremely inadequate power supply.

Watch the video above to see the ad put out by Uncharted Play to demonstrate how the idea works. Kicking a football is about to mean a whole lot more.

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