Photos: Gideon Okeke, Funmi Iyanda, Monalisa At ‘A Place In The Stars’ Grand Premiere’

Lagos stood still last night as stars of the big screen, A-list Nollywood celebrities, joined the cast of ‘A Place in the Stars’ in bringing the new City of Lights to a standstill.

The much awaited movie thrilled a grateful audience and enjoyed a rapturous and unending standing ovation.
‘A Place in the Stars’ is a riveting story of illicit drug trafficking, violence, turf wars and conscientious dilemmas. A Place in the Stars is an account of one man’s choice between conscience and the pull to get rich or die trying.
Set in 2006 Nigeria, A Place in the Stars tells the story of Kim Dakim (Gideon Okeke), a young lawyer with a case and a client that leaves him professionally conflicted. Kim is in possession of information that could save lives, if he would only pass it on. Faced with the deathly consequences of crossing ‘industry’ kingpins, including the toughest of them all, Diokpa Okonwo (Segun Arinze); and with millions to earn if he would only turn a blind eye, Kim battles conscience and professional responsibility as he determines which way to turn.
The star of the night was lead actor Gideon Eche-Okeke, accompanied by star encrusted Pa Dejumo Lewis, Segun Arinze, Yemi Blaque, Femi Branch, Julian Mcdowell, Armajit Deu, Amaka Mgbor, Lantana Ahmed amongst others. The celebrities were joined by the highly acclaimed director, Steve Gukas.
‘A Place in The Stars’ is set for release nationwide on the 14th of November, 2014.

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Go out and support this movie come November 14th 2014.
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Steve Gukas giving closing keynote remarks

Jeremiah Gyang performing the theme song 'A Place in the Stars'

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