Music Review: Niyola/ “Last Bus Stop”




Totally amazing Niyola offering here and, O’ my, I’d love to write something in the line of “an ace delivery, Niyola’s effort is class tucked into one helluva masterful production”. But Oscar forces us to have a rethink so we rephrase duly to reflect the dynamics of what ‘Last Bus Stop’ sounds like. Oscar laces this new product with the exact strings of guitar (or keyboard sounds, whichever) with which he laces ‘Collabo’, a not-too-long-ago P Square-Don Jazzy collaboration, a song he also made. It’s amazing how he thinks the sounds won’t pop out as hackneyed, in same market, with just about same sets of listeners and critics. Lazy!


But still, nothing much changes. It is still an ace Niyola delivery, an effort tucked into a radio-ready production, a smash of a love song, typical pop culture material and all that. However, Niyola’s song writing leaves a bit of a blot on this, though given the right modifications could still go on as one of our finest danceable love songs in a minute. Everything is jolly and the chorus is especially pleasing. She kills it when she goes: “Na because of you I dey calm down o, cuz I know say na you be my las bus stop.” Ecstatic. Original. Superdupa lines.


But no sooner did she set the momentum than she began to stifle it, single-handedly, owing to her slight unimagination in writing. Niyola gets to sing the ‘Na you be my last bust stop’ parts repeatedly afterwards, something that probably wouldn’t have bothered much if the song wasn’t a good one. The sound of that repetitious part isn’t fitting, something I’m sorta lost for words for, but obviously not something as pleasing to the ears.


I look forward to hearing a Banky W on the remix to this, perhaps a Praiz, seeing as the former has hovered around the Singer’s music too much lately. Same Oscar production, but a rework in the trite underlying sounds, and then a modification of how Niyola sings the chorus. It should make for an even bigger smash after all of that, given the right push and plugging here and there, I reckon. Still, this isn’t a bad one.


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