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Rihanna On Elle Magazine ‘If you weren’t a singer, what would you be? A Wife’


Bad Gal Riri isn’t only back on instagram, she’s also stunting on the cover of ELLE magazine. She pictured in every kind of way you can imagine her, good girl, bad girl, fun girl and the rest. Shes truly the definition of good girl gone bad. Check out highlight from her interview…

What’s your mantra?

“Fuck bitches, get money!

If you weren’t a singer, what would you be?

A Wife

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

That’s still a secret.

What’s the sexiest thing a man has ever said to you?

Any man that tells me what to do is sexy!

What do people misunderstand about you?

I’m shy.

The best hangover cure?

Ice, Chinese food! And an upside-down trash can and towels, preferably next to the toilet.







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