Lanre Dasilva Ajayi and Daniel Amokachi debate their passions on Moments with Mo

The debate over the inclination of Nigerians to fashion or football took a new dimension on Saturday as Dolapo Oni, announced the two main actors in the drama will be guests on the famed talkshow, Moments with Mo next Monday.

Popular fashion designer, Lanre da Silva and ex-Nigerian footballer, Daniel Amokachi have been locking horns in a dispute over the superiority of their individual passions.


The debate was started by Silva who claimed on a Channels Television interview recently that fashion was the next big thing and was superior to football. Replying her on Twitter and later on sports radio, Brilla FM, Amokachi countered her claims, with the former striker being quoted as saying, “It will take decades for fashion to meet football.”

Both have argued separately on different platforms and they have both agreed to do a debate to throw more light on the issue.

The show will be aired live on Ebony TV Monday, 3rd of November by 6.30pm. It is anticipated that both professionals will be armed to the teeth with facts to prove the other wrong.

The show will give the two professionals who are madly passionate about their respective crafts, an opportunity to go head-to-head on cable TV and prove why any is superior.

Meanwhile, Amokachi made an appearance to Lagos Fashion Week on Thursday, October 30, wearing a Tshirt with the inscription “GoFootball No Apologies”. Lanre Da Silva Ajayi in response also made a statement at the Lagos Fashion Week yesterday where she showed her new collection of designs and her models wearing GoFashion Tshirt.

The conversation continues #GoFootball and #GoFashion.

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