Music Review: WizzyPro Feat. Shaydee and Yung L/ “Elevation”

Wizzy Pro


The song is boxed in a composition that mixes finely with the production to give us something of a Reggae variant. Following his other hit single, “Emergency”, “Elevation” finds WizzyPro joining forces with Shaydee and Yung L to create something we can use for some loosening up after a rough day. Positive vibes are laden on this, and the opening lines of the chorus leave us without doubt that this is something upbeat: “If you see what I see, if you hear the things wey I hear, Omo na elevation, you go join me for the celebration”. Spot on.


Yung L finds some time in the 3 minutes record to salute Ice Prince for being the principal agent in his bouncing career. The trio harmonizes on this with so much realness it’s amazing. The high point of this would be them giving thanks to God after all said, which says a lot about their understanding of the fact that behind the glitz and glamour, there’s still the need to reverence the creator. Cool effort.





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