“Shun Violence” Oritse Femi advice’s Youth, talks about his Forthcoming Album

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DE Musical Taliban Oritse Femi on a live interview talks about ‘Shunning of violence and also about his Forth coming Double wahala Album” in the interview with Hip TV.

He said Political violence need to be shunned in our country, Oritse Femi who just returned from his USA tour and as also traveled far and wide many European countries just to make sure the solution to Political violence among the youths in Nigeria and annihilate them.. Oritse femi said


“I am so happy to see most of my childhood friends going into politics because I believe that’s an avenue to put heads together and fight it“.

 He also told us about his Forthcoming “Double Wahala” album and international collaborations, so we all should get ready to grab our copies because the album is a Bang and  load of other A-list artiste featured in it. the DOUBLE WAHALA ALBUM is set to drop any time soon this year..


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