Music Review: Tiwa Savage/ “Key To The City”



Tiwa attempts a remake of something in the line of “Wanted” but she sounds flat for most parts of the 3minutes+ recording.


Interestingly, the usual points where we spot her crescendo are missing, her composition on this is not the regular, and even the Don Jazzy undertone doesn’t save the day in any way. Speaking of Jazzy, we are hoping he doesn’t self-destruct, or depreciate the entire set of works his Mavin team puts out in the near future with his non-stop (predictable unvarying repetitious) appearances on every record they make. He is starting to feel like Diddy and we hope his doesn’t veer in the direction of the latter who, after The Notorious B.I.G, has found it near impossible raising any other music ‘big name’.


Key To The City is, in simple terms, a below par Tiwa effort. Following the huge singles “Colors Of Love” and “My Darlin” this is just some inadequate nondescript record that leaves a cloudy impression on our ears and senses. She jumps the tracks one more time b y serving this odd-type release and she is sure to kill off whatever momentum it is she’s created in the precedent months. The song has the singer embracing the reggae-inspired genre we’ve come to love over the years, but she isn’t up to standard on it. Neither is her enlisting Spellz’s production a good enough fail-safe strategy.


Again, her singles are dropping too frequently, and we think of her as being too eager to remain in the mix, a mix she didn’t really leave. And seeing as she’s been daubed with some relationship hurricane of sorts lately, it’s impossible to think of her as not being impatient (plus who knows how disturbing it has been on her psychology and stuff?).


Whatever the case, Tiwa Savage is golden all day any day; even though this new one falls short. Not to downplay her brilliance and creativity and all, but we feel like she has so much more to offer than this. And lastly, if things persist, she could probably use a new muse, as anything that gets her constantly on track is fine by us.


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