Within   everyone   is a silent yearning to become more, make a mark   and go above and beyond the mediocre. Don jazzy the head honcho  of Marvin crew  represents a new breed of young African change agents  who are employing and deploying their natural endowments in creating viable businesses , giving youngsters a platform to express their giftings , profiting from their passion,  and using their lives to tell inspiring stories.

In this report we present to you 7 amazing features to watch out for in this inspirational and strategy   book on Don jazzy.
1.Titled-  Donjazzyfied: How to move from best kept secret to becoming a don in your field ,the book was written by one of Nigeria’s most respected writer and journalist Kehinde Ajose
2. Crafted in an easy to read language .It is one of the best books on how to make a mark and a   become an irresistible brand in any field with  Don jazzy being the case study laid bare in 9 chapters.
3.The lovely cover design, showing Don jazzy in his boyish appearance clad in a suit , tee shirt and jean  was done by Seun  Ayeni one of the country’s  leading graphic designers
4. Even though some might have forgotten or might not even know Don jazzy ‘s real name ,the book reveals that,  tales of his humble beginnings,  amongst other issues.
5.  The book was endorsed by Kehinde Bankole a leading Nollywood actress who recently featured in Kunle  Afolayan’s  wave making flick October 1st.
6. Celebrities Like  Emma Nyra, Shine Begho of Cool FM Annette Cookey, Senator the comedian, Olorisupergal and others said amazing things about Don jazzy in the book.
7.Twitter is a major tool Don jazzy deploys in order to build an engaging brand…How he makes it happen was also  analyzed in the book.
8 .The secret behind the Marvins hit song and how you can apply it to your craft was also unveiled in this book.
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