Review: Young D feat. Chidinma/ “Egwu”



Chidinma is good. I think it’s fair to say whenever she sings a hook or a verse or more on a track, there’s always that element of confidence in the fact of her ability to deliver. And to make a hit off the effort.


The press release states that the producer (Young D) features her on “Egwu” but the reality is a stark contrast that shows a complete chidinma dominance through the three minutes plus of the dance song. The lyrics aren’t exceptional; neither is the theme anything serious, but dance they ask, and dance we must. She kills off the chorus nicely and the tune of it is just too pleasing as she sings:



When you hear this sound,

Oya move your body to the ground,

If you dey feel this song oya make you dey dance around – Egwu!




Egwu is a good one with the tendency to raze many an Eastern gathering any day. It’s a cool joint and there’s really not much to say about this other than it is a hit at first listen. A hit! It doesn’t need any time growing on you, slot into your systems and what you feel next is that sweet upbeat rush of music, something of a highlife variant that sits on the shoulders of a striking rhythm. The beats are impressive as well as the rich compelling instrumentals on which the singer glides, which all helps register her name once more. Chidinma comes in on the Young D production and expresses herself like a thespian would on stage, giving us that delight that’s become her trademark quality of distinction and class. Jamming song!


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?


Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)



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