Ady Free Ads – changing the Face of Online Commerce in Nigeria.

“Technology is nothing, what’s important is that you have faith in the people that they’re basically good and smart, and if given the right tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.” Steve Jobs

Like the hurricane the internet is sweeping across Africa and Nigeria in particular bearing with it a sibling, internet commerce. As Nigeria jumps the cycle of development with the mobile leap the way we do business is being revolutionized coupled with the customer gaining more control of the buying/selling process the C to C model of free classifieds is also getting more prominent. is set to make this more interesting as it launches in Nigeria.
Backed by AG Switzerland and marketing expertise that spans over a hundred years is set to give the big spenders already in the classified market a run for their money while providing a new world of experience tailored to the Nigerian market for the users. The amazing thing about is that you can buy or sell anything, new or used, for free on Ady making it a mecca of sort for users looking for uncommon items. Its, – Your Free Ads Online, all the way.
From the easy to use and aesthetically soothing responsive website to the utterly simple listing procedure, provides for the buyer and sellers a thrilling and satisfying trading experience with clear pictures, chic description and concise guide on how to do business on the website. Ady also has very diversified listings making you want to explore the site. A unique feature is that gives your business the opportunity to move to the next level with a free business page, which serves as an easy to use mini webpage for your business.
No matter if you are a private person or a business owner provides you the ease to sell or buy anything without any cost. Why not join the train and start making some money?
Go to today to post your free ads or contact sellers for great deals. – Your Free Ads Online.

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