One Mic Naija: Green! Green! Green!

It is the independence month and Nigeria’s favourite live artiste showcase, One Mic Naija, is going green!


One Mic Naija usually has creative themes for each of its’ shows, based on what month the show holds, or the current buzz situation. In June 2014 for example, it was, “One Mic Naija; Music and Football” in celebration of the World Cup fever with guests and the hosts turning up in their jerseys of their favourite teams.


This month, to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence, One Mic Naija will be going all green!

#OneMicNaijaRehearsals Yemi Alade


Details as to which artistes will perform are still being kept secret but for now, we can tell you that One Mic Naija; the Green!Green!Green! Edition will hold on Sunday October 26th at Ember Creek.

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