Exclusive Chat With Wizkid On His New Album, Hennessy Artistry, Saeon And Samklef Saga

In a recent chat with Ayo ‘Wizkid’ Balogun , he shared his experience with us on being an ambassador for Hennessy Artistry 2014, working with 2 Face Idibia, his new album AYO, Saeon’s bitterness on not retweeting her tweet and Samklef’s tweets.


Read excerpts below;



On his experience with Hennessy Artistry brand.

I am happy to be associated with the brand and I thank God for the opportunity to work with 2 Face Idibia. This is the first time we actually got into the studio to finish a track.


On his brand

It took me all my life to build my brand. Before I went into music, I already had what I wanted to be in my head. I definitely knew I wanted to build a brand. I wanted people to know the brands and I try to stay out of trouble and sometimes things happen. I am working on my brand and I want to take it global.



On Sustainability of his brand 

I worry about sustainability of the brand and that’s why I work endlessly everyday and night to make sure the brand Wizkid is here. i want to leave a legacy people will follow. I am also building STAR BOY.



wizkid and 2face


Challenging Song Ever Written


When I arranged ‘Jaiye Jaiye’ I didn’t know if people would accept the song cos the song is really special to me. I called Femi Kuti and I told him about the song and he said Yes immediately. I was shocked cos I was not expecting him to say yes immediately. So we worked on the song so we don’t disappoint Femi Kuti.


On His New album ‘ Joy – AYO’

Everyone is loving the album and people discover new tracks from the album everyday. I have seven singles out off the album. Ojuelegba, Show Me The Money, My Bad are really doing well. When I was working on the album, I made a conscious decision not to change my style of music. People have this thing in their head because I am working with International artistes, I am trying to change my style of music or what I sound like which is not true and I’m never going to change my style of music.




Why Show Me The Money was shot in Shitta

Show Me The Money was shot in Shitta also known as Small London. I paid my dues and there are so many stories to tell. I used to perform at all the carnivals in Surulere every December for free. From Lawason to Brown road so I have paid my dues.


On any collaborations soon with any artiste


I will work with Skales in the future. He was in my house two weeks ago and he brought a track. Definitely, I will work with him.


On how he got his name STAR BOY

The streets gave me the name



On showing off his wealth on Social Media


I didn’t have any of these before. i show them off to motivate people and I also thank God.


Is Wizkid a terrible person?


Well, everyone has their own opinion about me. And if they I am terrible, then they need to check themselves. I used to make music for four years with Samklef. I used to go around making noise about Samklef. I am just being me and alos be a good person. Fame has not changed me, it only added some accessories to my collections. People say I am arrogant and it does not bother me. I show my fans love.



On Saeon’s feature

I didn’t know she is bitter that I didn’t retweet her tweet. I gave her a hit song abi I no try. I did my part. I charge people 10 million naira for collabos. I did the collaboration with Saeon out of love.


Fashion Style


I love to look fresh always


How much does your collection worth?

[Laughs] I don’t want to talk about it because of security reasons.


 What value do you see the brand Hennessy affect young people?

Hennessy is a big brand and they are doing well in Nigeria. Infact, when they came to me for the deal I didn’t hesitate to accept it. I have been drinking Hennessy for a while now and I felt this is the right time to get my money back lol. anytime I go to the studio for a session, it’s bound to see a bottle of Hennessy on the table.


On His Collabo with Chris Brown

We are done with the song and we will be shooting the video in 2 – 3 weeks. The video will drop early next year.


And when asked if he paid to feature Chris Brown

I didn’t pay Chris Brown a dime. i never pay for collaboration because I am confident of the kind of music I create. I own the song so I featured Chris Brown on it and it was produced by Sarz. I am keeping it African.


On Investments


On properties and jewelries



















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