Review: Phyno’s “Yayo” Is Smokin’ Hot, Can You Handle It?



Who is Major Bangz? Where is he from? What does he smoke to get his mojo on? Guys, we need to ask these questions because Bangz is like a monster right now. A full blown spirited monster. And so we need to join forces in finding these answers. As we try finding the Bangz panacea, there’s a smoking new joint before us – Phyno’s “Yayo” – and all we can say is it is smashing through our systems and we love it.


Phyno adopts a persona in this new material, he calls himself ‘Phyno-Yayo’, and he says the rest are anonymous – ‘ha na a cho ha acho’. Mean guy!


He tells us how he had to get this rap degree from school, how much he’s been a hustler, and now a dope boy (no substance peddling) hence the new persona. He says a lot more. In the coming lines, he talks of how he’s killed the game and because he has no clone the people try reaching him (as he’s the only one there is) but they can’t as he has no mobile device. His outbursts are cold, near freezing maybe; and to an extent there’s two people (Phyno and the persona) living inside the man on the Yayo cut, although he tells us they are three persons (he and another two) currently rolling. Perhaps that’s to say there’s Phyno, Yayo and then Bangz as the muse behind the music. We wouldn’t know.


What we do know, however, is that the beast in him is largely operational on this in major parts, with the real man surfacing in the concluding parts of the song to close shop. It’s gritty how Phyno picks a Bangz production and tears it to shreds like there’s some anguish brewing in him, an anguish that bothers on a cathexis we know nothing about.


Super good beat-making, timely track, original effort, radio-ready, hit potentials, and et cetera. Methinks we pundits should deem Yayo fit for some plaudits, just because beast from the East and sh*t (see what I did there?), what say you?


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?


Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)


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