Bloody Randy Naija Pastors by Charlyboy

By Charly Boy
Ol boy my mouth no fit talk, but my fingers no go fall my hand. Kai! Blood of Jesus. I like the truth because a lot of people can’t stand the truth; it makes many of us uncomfortable because many of us are just living out our fake lives.

This write up is about all the sex scandals going on in the church, about The Bloody Randy Men of God who are busy screwing their female congregation, breaking marriages and turning the bible upside down to fit their slimy nature. So, if you are one of those Jesus people who can’t see the flit in your church, sorry, keep living in denial.

STOP. You don’t have to read this.

How can a man of God “fall so easily into temptation” Are they not supposed to be on a higher moral ground than simpletons like us? These predatory pastors love to prey on their victims. It is a preplanned, master manipulative, controlling, calculated ‘decision’. Sadly, most congregations are aware about the bull-crap going on in their church.

But like the dumb ignorant Naijas we are, corrupted by fear and the uncertainty of tomorrow, we look the other way. Oh God!

Yes, I don come again, but pray tell. Would you allow your bank teller who is known for pinching customers’ money, still handle your money? So why should we allow some of our morally bank-cropped Pastor to still remain in the pulpit yarning akpata, counseling our women and children. End times abi?

Many of these Pastors will follow their sensuality, na today and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned; and in their greed they will exploit their congregation with false words; their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep. 2 Peter 2:2. ( e dey bible go read am).

I know that Nigerians have become very gullible when it comes to their pastors, our environment has gone to the dogs because we have become zombies, the same the same with our leaders. Why must we be hesitant to confront people who claim to be ‘men of God’? They use this as an advantage and exploit people’s situation and problems when they go for help. Chaiiii there is God oooooo.

Scandals can be found in any group, Politicians/Christians, sadly, but among Pentecostals and Charismatics who claim a special anointing of the Spirit of God, casting, binding, chasing demons who have suddenly invaded Naija. They claim double blessings and triple anointing and super Spirit baptisms. They claim to operate in the Spirit and flow in the Spirit and talk in the Spirit and prophesy in the Spirit and laugh in the Spirit and soak in the Spirit and even get drunk in the Spirit.

Not all Pentecostal or Charismatic churches live scandalous lives; however the Pentecostal movement has been absolutely rife with moral and doctrinal scandals and ridiculous claims among its prominent leaders. So brethren, your man of God are not God himself. There should be a lot of soul searching in this our fetish movement right now, because of the spectacle of highly successful preachers losing their way. There’s a saying, your anointing can take you to a place where your character cannot sustain you. You Randy preacher man, stay with me, because next week I will name some very randy pastors parading as men of God. Tufiakwa.

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