Review: Yung6ix feat. DJ Neptune/ “Doinz”



Let’s be frank Yung6ix’s “Doinz” is a shoddy effort at making a hit. Truly. We know this, he knows this, he knows that we know this and that is what makes everything easy right now.


The rhymes aren’t impressive, bland on a second listen, a little worse upon a third. Meh! Neptune – for fear of appearing inconspicuous – busies himself with turning discs and scratches that don’t scratch even the least surfaces towards making this a hit. 6ix is weak, with lyrics best fitting for an unknown uncharted Reality Show novice. It is an awful attempt at staying in the scheme of things, but we excuse him because he is after all the kid his moniker implies.


And erm, one last thing – we know how rappers like some bravado. Which is okay. But I expect someone to call this lad to order, show him around and make him understand that taking cheap shots and puerile mentions of Dubai and all won’t save the day on a weak record.


Without some depth and character in his writing and actual rhyming, he stays dropping petty materials as this, then I guess we aren’t far from calling it a day for the South boy.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?


Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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