Review: “Colors Of Love” and “My Darlin” By Tiwa Are Smash Cuts




Tiwa shows no mercy. She is as savage as they get. Is she the Queen of modern Nigerian music? Perhaps.


A couple days back her unfinished “Colors Of Love” leaked and got us ecstatic with some world class singing and production. But she leaves out the local audience on the slightly-too-urbane love song. And it’s okay, really, because she buries enough grace and virtuosity into it; she put in so much it is hard to pooh-pooh the effort.


It’s interesting how Tiwa is discerning, showing that she knows better than to leave her people in the lurch. So before long, she’s teamed up with her Mavins honcho in creating another class-breaking single. I’m just really confused how Jazzy makes these things pop.


It is not the production now; in fact he has nothing on what Baby Fresh concocts here. It is his understanding of the dynamics of sound and rhythm, his understanding of music, that’s exactly what keeps him relevant today. His productions are great but aren’t irreplaceable. His voice is far from lovely, something like a drug lord bemused over wine on the loss of a shipment. But he gets us interested nonetheless. His low pitch huskiness underneath Tiwa’s renditions gel on My Darlin”, and it’s crazy how he fits into things here like a screwed nut.


After Don Jazzy’s introduction of the Queen Bee, Baby Fresh takes position and works the sounds to a dramatic climax somewhere around the 33rd second or so; and O’ my, it is pleasing from that point till light fades. Occasionally they come down, but they hit the heights in the following seconds.


My Darlin” has local elements in the talking drums and language employments therein. Tiwa is careful not to overdo or underplay on the finishing, and in all she coats the effort nicely.


Put this together with how she’s a smooth operator on “Colors Of Love” and it’s easy to call Savage a witch with the flows, something she perfects and with which she serves just the right dose of magic that awaken our labyrinths all day any day. Helluva song.
Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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