Review: NaetoC feat. Phyno/ ‘China’



‘China’ lacks spark and fails to light up our interests. Naeto is painful with some flat lyrics that sound like a rookie at a loss for writing ideas. “Cover eye like Shoki/ …Because of you I no dey sleep like a zombie.” What is wrong with our man? Weakness. Rock bottom unprovoked lyrical weakness.


Phyno is too ordinary on this as well, spitting nothing of particular brilliance. He joins his host on the subpar outflows and together they zigzag into oblivion on the almost 4 minutes recording.


The production is around average, perhaps their lull in delivery is that which blurs the clear lines of the production I wouldn’t know, but it sure doesn’t ring any bell in our heads. Naeto is an overbearing rapper who doesn’t bother to improve his lyrical substance and with this he makes a mockery of his many followers. He stays forever high-handed but never really improving the one thing that makes his name pop up in our music conversations. Sad shame.


Nothing of specific nature makes you want to repeat China on your device; well, except on those unrestrained late night carouses. And what’s worse is that Phyno – with all his beast-from-the-East huff and puff – is largely peripheral and uninspiring. Shoving in some old phrases of his here and there in a bid to nick some shine, a shine that practically eludes the duo in the nearly 4 minutes of the colorless effort, Phyno succeeds in registering one of his most prosaic appearances as a guest rapper till date.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?


Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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