Review: Dbanj/ ‘Omini’



Dbanj serves us a new joint in ‘Omini’ but it isn’t dope enough to get us high. The man has been obviously AWOL musically, and so seeks to correct things with this swift response to popular comments and word on the streets. But it is an unfitting response, maybe a little above average; but in all something statistically unsuitable in comparison with his heyday materials. Statistically unsuitable because this won’t ship in any major numbers.


Mr. Koko Master is preoccupied with touring the world first class on his many emissaryship movements, which is fine really, only the music has suffered markedly as a result. This has nothing to do with the Dbanj-Jazzy dissolution anymore, except the latter was playing some Writer-Producer role of sorts back in the day.


On the previously released ‘Alaye’, 2Kriss cooked a stellar studio production but Dbanj jumps on the beats and what we have is not the spectacular record we’d expect from him. There is no real path leading to a crescendo on the record and so he loses our attentions before long. On this new ‘Omini’, he aims another shot at making that ace record but we see another feeble effort that ricochets against the wall of a brilliant Deevee production. What this means is that Alaye and Omini have seen us listen to two good beats, two masterful productions that even Don Jazzy has nothing on, still there is no hit song.


So the question is where is the crack?


Simple. Dbanj needs a complete lyrical overhaul. There is a gap between what he delivers the listeners and what he seeks to; I’d like to think so. The music we have heard from him are a sign that his problems lie not in production (that might point us again back to Jazzy) but in his inability to co-ordinate his lyrics and rendition as should be. The singer needs to desist from dropping light, shallow, hackneyed lines that have him swaying between some feeble and out-of-sync deliveries as is the obvious case on this new joint. That is the only path to bringing back our Dbanj, because clearly it isn’t production-wise that he is deprived.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?


Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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