Federal republic of Nigeria, a country devoid of National growth” By Omoregie Melvyn

I am not celebrating 54 years of stupidity and foolishness!I’m Nigerian but Nigeria is a country worth cross impunity, a country of flag and anthem.

I remain an unrepentant Nigerian cos its where am being born and where God has deposited me. I’m not happy but hopeful, very vexed for the leadership of this country. At 54, the country should have been somewhere else. Bad leadership rearing young guns who turn out to be Internet fraudsters. A 54yrs old man who cannot provide for the majority of the nation. Life expectancy is zero. Check the rate of unemployment, some earn close to million while some earn a paltry 18K yet school fees are rising into 350K. Those who ushered the country into the first republic where more progress-driven and wizened. Hope is a good breakfast but could be horrible supper. Nigerians have not done anything good enough for theirselves, country with a robust endowment. Gone are the days of mentorship, who wants to be like anyone anymore? Nigerians need to pick up the gauntlet and chase out this crazy baldheads called leaders. Peter Tosh sang “Every1 is crying out for freedom but none is crying out for justice !

Although I know I have wasted my time thinking of all this bullshits cos they are meaningless to these leaders but i still can’t help but hope citizens opinions are being reviewed and adhered to sometime someday.

From: One pissed off citizen
Omoregie Melvyn

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