Happy Independence Day Nigeria: Someone Please Wake The Sleeping Giant of Africa

It has been 54 years of good, bad and evil in this nation but we can’t quickly forget what Nigeria has faced in the last few years, the missing school girls , missing $20billion, thousands of people killed by Boko Haram, others not mentioned. Amidst all these horrible happening we can still pick out so many good things Nigeria has achieved, Containing Ebola, providing more jobs, we even gracefully occupied the best position in the globe.

Today marks another beginning for this Nation, a new dawn to right our wrong. We are not asking for perfect we only want this nation to wake up from its long slumber and be the giant that it has always been called, give us greatness, something other African countries can emulate from.

We are the giant of Africa, the land of plenty. I believe in this country, you should too. No place can be like home.
Come lets make Nigeria great again.

Temitope Odeyemi (Temmysparkles)

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