Eye Witness Report on Shoprite Theft

This is an eye witness report on the recent incident which happened yesterday September 27th, 2014 at Shoprite – Ikeja City Mall, Alausa, Ikeja.


Read below;


Yesterday, I had entered Shoprite with Sunmbo (my close friend), at around past 7pm. She went to buy some stuff she needed for her house. As soon as we both checked out her stuff at the counter, when we approached the exit, Sumbo’s Friend was standing there with a woman who we noticed looked sad and very upset, suddenly she burst into tears – she had alerted security 5 minutes immediately she noticed the theft, her small bag which was inside her filled up trolley had been stolen. Inside her bag contained her Iphone 6, 100,000 naira (which according to her, she just received that evening and was for her family), her car keys and house keys. In the same scene, even in tears she had broken the glass donation box(and I noticed she was bleeding slightly) even as we tried to console her, some sympathizers looked on and I, Sunmbo and Sunmbo’s friend assisted her to bring this to the notice of the security who didn’t do anything about it, they wouldn’t close the exist doors to check customers because the thief could still be indoors. Even when we went to the control room, the CCTV didn’t record the crime scene, they had told her to go and file police reports or so. She left Shoprite crying and the  security wouldn’t even help her. I, Sunmbo, Sunmbo’s friend and her – all went out to meet her husband (who immediately walked back in to see how to sort out things) and her hungry baby who’s food was inside the car. Sadly, we had tried to console to her, as she cursed and cried. Although, she was calmed down before I and Sunmbo left the premises at past 9pm. Before now, they had been cases of thefts and Shoprite Ikeja City Mall security haven’t done anything. Anyone who plans to buy stuff from Shoprite should please watch out for his/her valuables, even those rooms where bags are kept are not safe.


This is a warning to all shoppers and people who go to the mall for ‘window shopping’. But the questions is, why can’t they track the robbery incident  through the CCTV cameras they have in the store.


Na wa oo!!






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