Review: Tope Odu feat. Ayoola/ ‘Stay In Love’




Tope takes this piece of music and makes it her own in a unique way. The keyboard sounds are heralds of the sweetness of ‘Stay in Love’, same keyboard melodies that close the curtain somewhere around the seconds leading us into the fourth minute or so of the song. Lovers now have one more song to savour, and this is amazing considering it is made by one of our own.


‘Stay In Love’ is original and soothingly refreshing. It brings to mind the camaraderie amongst kinsmen feasting on a large bowl of Amala, fresh Palmwine and flavored lamb Obe Egusi; under a tree somewhere in a Southwest countryside. Heavy with pidgin flows yet a soft super stunner of an effort, this one will raze many a wedding gig across the country. It is a love song that matches with any of its kind out here today, and should stand the test of time. It has classic written all over it, so it shouldn’t be any hard tagging it a timeless piece of art. Ayoola brings more balance into the mix as he sings in his traditional style, hoisting the VC Perez production to a summit, so that this one is easily etched in our hearts. ‘Stay In Love’ is one of those efforts that might not get massive traffic across mainstream radio in Nigeria today, given the trend of things and the emptiness in majority of our dance songs. But it is a humdinger of a song nonetheless.


Tope just needs to be more audible and convincing on her subsequent records, as well as get a skilled production team (as she did on this) to shape things, and her next song might be that smashing material that ends up being the nadir of another Nigerian singer out there today. Who knows?


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Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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