#BelieveInNigeria: GEj Vs Atiku Vs Buhari Who Does The Cap Fit

If you ask anyone who they want as the next president of this great nation, you’d get various answers but in a summary of all their answers the only thing you’d understand is the fact that so many Nigerians don’t even know what they want.

General Muhammadu Buhari

General Muhammadu Buhari



Our people are either blinded by the belief of others and what the media have been putting out without taking out time to research and see what this great nation really needs.

“Who would you vote as the next president? Gej, Atiku or Buhari? None!! Who is the person capable of handling the office? nobody” -Typical Nigerian

Yet ask them what they will do if they were in that office most will say ” I will chop money too” .

In summary, most Nigerians don’t know what they want and put all the blame on government without joining hands with the government to make a better Nigeria.

Ethnocentrism is whats actually holding Nigeria back, believe in Nigeria irrespective of your belief and culture we all can make Nigeria great.

Look beyond the ethnic group and see eachother as one, lets live as one, vote as one,rule as one. Lets make our Nigeria GREAT.

Temitope Odeyemi -(Temmysparkles)

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