PHOTOS: DJ Jimmy Jatt hits the United Kingdom on a media tour hosted by BBC 1Xtra, Bang Radio & others

Jimmy Jatt with Tola Onigbanjo
After the successful launch of his album ‘The Industry’, iconic entertainer, Cool DJ Jimmy Jatt kicked off a media tour in the United Kingdom, meeting with his fans, engaging with the media and sharing on his new album, 25 years in the industry and his just-released autobiography.

The tour has taken Nigeria’s number one DJ through Factory78 TV, Bang Radio, ‘DBoy Overstands show’ African Dazzle Magazine, BBC 1Xtra, Afrobeat360 and Capital Xtra – anchored by diaspora media consultant, Tola Onigbanjo. See more photos below…
Jimmy Jatt at Afrobeat 360
Jimmy Jatt at 1 Xtra
Jimmy Jatt at Factory 78 TV
Jimmy Jatt at Krstal City (1)
Jimmy Jatt in the studio of BBC 1 Xtra
Jimmy Jatt with Tola Onigbanjo
photo 1

“This was really an important tour for me for many reasons,” said DJ Jimmy. “It’s one thing to be appreciated by all of my colleagues and mentees and others in the industry, and to feel that love. But to step out on the streets and go around the United Kingdom and to connect with my people and to feel that energy, that connection… it’s powerful. I am very glad that, after 25 years, people are still excited about my work. I am ready to go for another 25!”

DJ Jimmy Jatt talked to the UK-based media on the greatest lessons he has learnt from 25 years in the industry and his plans for the next decade.

‘The Industry’ album has enjoyed massive airplay since its release, topping the chart on iTunes Nigeria just a week after. The autobiography ‘Avant-Garde’ is also on sale now.

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