Do You Think This Will Work? A Day Without Horn or Siren in Lagos State

Some Lagosians can’t do without horn and this shows that motorists respond to the sound when they are slow in driving or it’s just to tell you to move .

This is a typical Lagosian driving. You all can testify to this.
Photo credit to the animator for this picture below. It was found on Twitter.
So here is the gist,
Lagos sets aside October 15 as No Horn No Siren Day, 15.10.14 . For Safer Roads, Safer Drivers, Safer Community
To reduce Noise pollution on our roads
To Cultivate Respect for other Road Users
To Maintain and Encourage Road Discipline
To improve Road Use Courtesy
To Encourage Positive Road Use Attitude
To Develop Better Road-user Friendly (BRF) Lagosians
Join, Be a Partner, Broadcast to other Road Users.
Target is to get across to all drivers and vehicle owners in Lagos.









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