Review: OJB and Ice Prince Remake “Searching” But Not Much Is On It.



I have too much regard for OJB Jezreel so I’ll make this short and candid- The “Searching” remix was unneeded and an utter waste of resource and Studio time.


Ice Prince is perhaps the most erratic A-list out of Nigeria today and it hurts to see his on-and-off, disjointed meandering on a piece of music. Today he is dropping mad lines and intelligent vibes on a joint, tomorrow he is spitting some bland, off-key lines that leave nothing to desire. Quite what runs through his mind as he writes those embarrassing rhymes, I’d never know.


OJB makes this all the more painful because -though music isn’t quite where he left it, with the youngsters running things major today- this could have made more sense and being a better shot at reintroducing him in the mix. If he could get Ice into the booth, in spite of the latter’s schedules, and all he comes up with is a “Searching” rehash characterized by lack of freshness, imagination and style; then he leaves us with nothing but hazy impressions. And this is bad.


Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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