Review: Endia/ “Me And My Guys”



Endia is a Star! He understands music and has made some great works for ‘music-crazed’ persons, driving them into some frenzy, the euphoria helping them shut out the many societal imbalances in the land today. But Endia isn’t quite there yet, and this new joint of his is not as great as I expect.


“Me And My Guys” isn’t a bad effort, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t as good as I want. Endia only brings on his regular lingo, marries it with some feel good Chopstix production, but there really isn’t much of a novel spark on this. Although I like what I hear from him so far, he makes it all too easy for us to predict his moves on any new record, and this is a blot. We can’t ignore how much potentials lie in the young man, and how much he can take his career to heights if he concentrates on better themes whilst improving his lyrics here and there, but the idea of him wanting to do music same way every day just isn’t working for me, because he isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done before. This is particularly harmful as I’ll hate to see another talent skid off track as is the norm.


Endia is fantastic, he isn’t at his lyrical best on MAMG but it isn’t a bad one either. He looks like that artist that can create a genius material given the right supports through his Projects. He also talks about being able to ‘initiate a vibe’, and though I don’t doubt him, I’ll very much love for him to get started already. Cool beats and keyboard tones underneath, this is likely to grow on you, and regardless of all my expectations of an improved Endia, MAMG is a way better effort than the previous Chopstix-made “Stinking Sh*t” which also features Endia, Yung L and Ice Prince. A way better effort by a mile. I expect more creativity, novelty and style from Endia; and with what abilities he possesses, I don’t think I have asked for too much.


Rate this, a Hit or a Miss?


Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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