#StarTheWinnerIs Just Got Hotter

The heat is on….


Ever grinning and dapper looking host of Nigeria’s No 1 Music Game Show, ‘Star The Winner Is’ couldn’t hold his excitement as he received some love from sassy looking Dunnie Lawal, a 22-year-old contestant on the last episode of the show.


Dunnie moves on to round 2 Uti Nwachukwu (2) Uti gushes about the rose Uti blowing Dunnie a kiss after receiving a rose Job's winning moment


Dunnie, who won the heart of the 101-jury members with her sassy rendition of Asa’s song, ‘Be My Man’, had Uti Nwachukwu head-over-heels with her gesture of love as she handed him a red rose during her performance. Dunnie who emerged as the winner of that round, sadly lost out to Job Idoko in the last round of the episode walking away with 400, 000 naira.  Find the video here.


25 year old Job Idoko who emerged winner of the episode and joins the current list of victorious semifinalists definitely proved to jury members and the audience how much he deserved to battle in the semifinal round with powerful performances of Beyonce’sListen, and Michael Bolton’s When A Man Loves A Woman.


With a very powerful voice and vocal depth, Job qualifies to the semifinal round to joins Philip, Brenda, Happiness, Naomi, Rhema, Jahtell, Roxy and Michael for another round of battles which is already brewing anticipation for fans around the country already rooting for their favorite contestants.


Episode 9 winner, Job Idoko Job moves on to semifinals Joshua Seeba Joshua walks away with 100,000 naira Mazinngar Fatai VanilLa, Uti and Dunnie Vannilla Nwabunajpg Winner, Job Idoko




Lovely mother of two kids, Vanilla Nwabuna, the Easy going Sule Abdulmalik, down to earth 26 year old Mazinngar Fatai, and banker, Joshua Seeba are also impressive contestants who equally gave the 101- jury members a tough time deciding winners of each round leaving Job Idoko to emerge victorious.


As the semi final rounds draw close, it is apparent from each semi finalist that has made it through that the fierce battle that will ensue in rounds to come is worth the wait and anticipation for viewers nationwide as they root for their favorites to win the mouth watering grand prize of 10million naira and a brand new car.


With nine contestants currently on to the semi final rounds, 3 more spots are to be filled including two wild card contestants to make for twelve semifinalists to battle in the next rounds of the competition.


Click here to see highlights of Job’s performances and watch highlights of the exciting episode 9 here.

To stay up to date with the show, visit www.starthewinneris.com and follow the conversation on social media #StarTheWinnerIs.




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