Review: PSquare ft. Don Jazzy/ ‘Collabo’




There are songs and there are songs. If a song is commercially viable and timely, then we should call it a hit for the purpose of this writing. In that light, ‘Shoki’ is a hit! ‘Jeje’, ‘Baby Hello’, ‘Skelewu’, and ‘Pass You By’ – Oritse & Magic – are hits. The list goes on.


But ‘Collabo’ is why we are here today, because it is a problem on many levels. Feel good music by many standards, the PSquare-Jazzy-Oscar fusion is imperial. The brothers bring in Don Jazzy on this smashing dance cut, and though they aren’t saying anything particularly serious – other than inviting their ladies to join in the revelry – we still give them our ears.


It is a cool effort. Jazzy brings his trademark delivery on, but the fact of him rehashing same lines in the song with little or no additions to his verse doesn’t do much. Still, it is a good one in all because Jazzy does a nice job sizzling the song with something of a Highlife variant in his rendition. The lyrics aren’t anything major, and it is understandable why. There is the urgent need to entertain the listening class with nothing more than some painless, user-friendly wordings; and this they achieve.


Oscar deserves some good credits too. He lays the groundwork properly; syncing the general sound of things, setting the trio up for the awesomeness that ‘Collabo’ is. The output is great and any more additions woulda been a disturbance in the order of things, perhaps killing some of the vibe or dimming the glitter.


After all said, this is good music to the ears, so much goodness I excuse PSquare for whatever weaknesses they (could) have had on their previous tapes, seeing as I am not one of the most impressed by some parts of their repertoire. Collabo is nice; it rests on the support of good music organization, a strategy that brings the best off many options, thus birthing a partnership that is a super response to today’s market changes. It is an interesting joint, I like how it helps the brothers capture new opportunities, and overall it is pleasant how this is a synthesis of the many magical nuances the Producer deposits into the effort.


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Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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