ISIS Behead British Aid Worker, David Haines?

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have apparently beheaded a British aid worker, identified as David Cawthorne

The terrorists released a video on Saturday, September 13, 2014 showing 44-year-old Haines kneeling next to his would-be
Before his apparent beheading, Haines gives a speech blaming British Prime Minister, David Cameron for his death.
It reads: “You entered voluntarily into a coalition with the United States against the Islamic State (ISIS), just as your predecessor
Tony Blair did, following a trend amongst British Prime Ministers who can’t find the courage to say no to the Americans,” American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff were also murdered by ISIS
in the same fashion within the last
After each beheading video, ISIS issues a threat on another Westerner and the last threat issued, in the video where Sotloff
was murdered, was against Haines.
Meanwhile Cameron has reacted to the video via Twitter calling the beheading “an act of pure evil” and saying:
“We will do everything in our power to hunt down these murderers and ensure they face justice, however long it takes,” If the authenticity of the video is confirmed, Haines’ beheading would make him the third Westerner to be executed by
ISIS. In the sect’s usual manner, they have also reportedly threatened to kill another British hostage, Alan Henning

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