By Charly Boy

Don’t do this, don’t do that. Who the hell said that?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Of all the don’ts in the world, how many were actually created by you and for you. I think like this, you think like that and you suddenly wake up one morning insisting that we think alike. Isn’t that pure madness?

Humanity has always been the problem with itself. A man suddenly thinking that he is greater than another man, ahh! But all men were made equal. Greed has been our greatest enemy.

There are a lot of don’ts, according to another man’s principle.
Annoying sets of don’ts, don’t eat this way, don’t eat that way, to be civilized you have to walk like this, hold your head to this angle, to be learned you have to speak and write another man’s language, when you don’t know the alphabets in yours.

Most times we try to meet the standards that other men have created for us that in the process, we forget who we really are. We fail to dance to the tune that really plays in our heart and continuously we are trapped dancing off beat to another man’s tune.

If we all think alike, dance alike, talk alike, walk alike or laugh alike, wouldn’t we get bored to death?

Someone wakes up one morning and begins to lay down certain procedures, that in order to fit you must do certain things. That is
total bullshit! But it is so pathetic how people without a mind of their own just believe they must follow another person’s rule or style to actually belong.

I have always set my own rules, played my own games, have my own style because if another man can write his, why can’t I write mine. The difference is that I don’t force my style on anyone; I don’t want anyone to imitate either. I desire to see original, being you, so long as you are not killing anybody or engaging in anything evil.

We all have a different rhythm to our soul, what is wrong in letting yours play. You know we all have a behavioural pattern when we are in our closet. You see some people very reserved on the outside, if you stumble across them when they are in that moment, you’ll be surprised. Some people display before their mirror what they wish they could really do in the open.

What I’m saying isn’t strange as most of us have done it at one point of our life or the other. Some people will never come to the open because they are so afraid of what people will think, but that’s the real you, your soul.

Imagine if everyone comes out in the open with what they are in their closet, don’t you think the world would be a more interesting place? I can’t live for anybody so I listen to my soul and that’s exactly what I am, what I had dreamed as a child in my closet.

The bible has too many rules already, people are still trying so hard to keep them, then other human beings would be trying to gain attention by bringing more stupid rules. We live ones, why not live as
our true selves.

There wouldn’t be so much wrong if there weren’t so many rules. Every tradition get rules, every church get im own rule, different people sef write about different principle weh people suppose follow, me I
just tire.

My own rule be say, live according to your own rule. Shekina.

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