Review: Toby Grey/ ‘Harmony’



Toby has a great sense of humor and she brings forth that personality on ‘Harmony’, it got me laughing for a bit when she sang the lines: ‘won fe fi mi gba ball, se mo jor jagulani?’ Quite a bit of creativity from a lady.


She sings about a guy and his many schemes to play her without much need for something genuine from their affair. The song is rich with instrumentals; flavors typical of African music as well as noticeable drums, keyboard notes and guitars, giving it a proper kick. And her vocals aren’t bad at all. On this, Toby’s abilities make a few thinly-veiled threats that show her likelihood of barging into the big scene, and we’ll very much love for her to, so we watch with fingers crossed.


Great production and an original effort, I imagine that she gives us some heads up about what she has planned out for the near future with this, and it is quite some plan. Above that, I take it to mean the female folks look likely to remain in the business for longer than we thought, looking at the work they are putting in at the moment.


Since listening to Simi’s brilliant works, this is another young Singer who I think will go on to wow. It’s obvious why and I won’t put it past her to even try pulling a stunt with this one given the right medium and wherewithal.


Anyhow, Toby manages to accomplish the mission on this, a song which launches her right into the radar. For a Singer who hasn’t exactly built that big name in the Industry, this is some freakin’ amazing step in the right parts.


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Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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