Review: Mo’Cheddah/ “Tori Olorun”




Production on this is by Pheelz and we aren’t disappointed in the slightest. Quite the okay effort, if you ask me. Mo’Chedda takes us a little back in time with “Tori Olorun, her third single to hit the airwaves in recent times. And if nothing, she does a significant job telling us how much she is back for good. A new album in the wake of these singles? Maybe. A little bird tells me she might be dropping a full length Project soon, perhaps in the coming year. Hopefully it should be fun listening when she does.


‘Tori Olorun’ is a well blended material that should earn her some warm reception and mainstream acclaim, especially as she looks to take us on her next big journey. The strengths of the song lie in Mo’s ability to render in the mother tongue and street lingo, joining the various listening fabric together. In all, Pheelz helps Mo’ create another party material right here. And we love it.



Lyrically, this is not the best song to come by in a minute, but it is crafted for the parties so we excuse the shortcomings therein. The beats stir you into moving your body before long, and that’s the beauty of this one. Woven around the popular Fuji music, the talking drums and keyboard notes are great, playing multiple roles, poising the rhythm for her delivery to launch. And launch she did. Listen to this without expecting too much and you might just be wowed.


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Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)



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