Tuface Idibia Vs Project Fame West Africa’s Contestants.

The reality show broke another record over the weekend. The Youtube channel of the show recorded over 4.7million viewership

As the competition gets tighter, tougher with contestants learning faster to be the best, after the exit of Flourish last week, everyone isn’t smiling.

Tonight, Project Fame contestants produced one of their best performances so far this season as they individually performed hits by Innocent Idibia (a.ka) Tuface Idibia.

Mic check 1,2 – Christian kicked off and performed ‘African Queen’ wonderfully well.

The Judges who thought it was good also thought he was a bit intimidated due to the presence of the 2face who was a guest judge,while the faculty thought it was great all together.

Daniella emotionally delivered ‘True Love’ as she broke out while on stage with tears.

Judge Ty Mix thought she was very audible and it was a great performance. The members of faculty thought it was absolutely amazing.

She didn’t waste to thrill her audience as Ruky’s performed one of 2face’s greatest hits ‘See Me’

The judges thought she rocked, while the faculty commended her great performance.

The crowd charmer, Geoffrey performed ‘Only Me’ which got him a loud cheer from the audience.

The judges thought he had always brought his A-game while, the members of faculty advised him to keep his good performances up!

Ugo didn’t miss out on the fun as he performed ‘Implication’. The judges thought he had so much energy, while the members of faculty commented on his interesting performance.

The fighter, Clement who seem to be getting better when he performed ” Nfene Iba ” didn’t leave no stone un turned during his “killing” performance.

The judges absolutely loved his performance and the members of faculty encouraged him to keep fighting to win.

Shola’s “For Instance” rendition was off da hook! The Judges thought it was nice but he had more work to do. The members of faculty commended his performance and took note of the judges comment.

However Emeka and Debbie seemed to have more work to do on their respective performances.

The approval from the judges, however, confirmed the contestants are finally emerging true stars.

When the ‘living legend’ himself took to the stage, he sang with such ease and mastery – such that, for once, music became a piece meal. With every lyric, the audience seemed to leave the shell of their bodies and become as one with Tu Face Idibia.

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