MTN PROJECT FAME WEEK 8 – Flourish’s Light Goes Out

WHAAAAAAT A FEELING! Lights! Camera and action – Tonight’s show kicked off on an “electric” note, all remaining 10 contestants looked sharp and was filled with energy when they performed hits from the music duo, Boyz II Men including “Colours Of Love”, “Still In Love” and “End Of The Road. It was a super and nicely displayed performance.


Moving on,  Taiwo’s exit was celebrated at his elimination party which apparently turned out fun.

*drums roll* Ugo, Flourish, Daniella, and Emeka were placed on elimination phase as they all got the lowest number of votes.

Flourish who did better than her last performed, re-rendered “Workerman” by Patra. The judges thought it was a good performance and it was so much better than her last week’s performance.

The faculty thought she tried too hard to connect to the audience, but commended it was not too bad.

Surprisingly, everyone wondered why he was placed on the elimination but Emeka showed what he was made of, as he re-performed “Rat Race” by The Mandators –It was very entertaining, we loved it!

The panel of judges first off asked the audience why he did not get much votes to escape this phase, and commended that he was a champion, in-control and awesome on stage. A member of Faculty, Ms Ige commended his performance as very professional.

Daniella fought hard on stage as she performed “I’m Still In Love With You” by Daniella which was nicely done.

Judge Bibie Brew thought she did so much better than her last performance and that it was equally very good.

The members of faculty acknowledged that they enjoyed it and commended her confidence on stage.

Always saving the best for last! Ugo did justice and gave a refreshing sound to UB40’s “Cherry Oh Baby” – it was wonderful.

The judges, who preferred this performance to his last, commended his control on stage and were happy with him.

The faculty commended his rich vocals and absolutely exquisite performance.

Next up, Live on stage was Niniola, a project Fame West Africa alumni who light up the stage when she performed her latest hit “Ibadi”- she danced, grooved and thrilled the audience. It was energetic and very entertaining. Going back memory lane, Ninola didn’t know how to dance that much during her season.

In the end, the judges saved Emeka, Faculty saved Ugo and the remaining contestants who were not on probation voted Daniella back in.

Sadly, Flourish bows out as she performed 2face Idibia’s hit “Raindrops”.



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