Review: D’Prince’s “OYO” Is A Hit And We Recommend.

d'Prince OYO


Don Jazzy has a rare gift, a gift so great it starts to feel bad altogether, something like having the Midas touch so that everything he touches becomes gold. This is fact and there are lots of instances for referencing, his catalogue being the chief of them.


‘OYO’ is another towering effort that sees D’Prince on some trajectory movement; Afrobeat powered, the lyrics gear you into getting your grind on. And what’s more interesting is the fact of the music being relatable as ever, typical Don Jazzy style. Goodness me!


OYO is interesting; notable parts of the song being the points the sounds gain vibe and D’Prince soars on the chorus. It is a priceless something to the ears and senses. And as the beats and rhythm swing into momentum, it brings to mind same artistry Jazzy exhibited on Ice Prince’s “N Word Remix”. Wicked!


In all, we see again how much Jazzy understands music, to the point where he can slice through genres effortlessly. Then we see that D’Prince isn’t quite through yet. That said, OYO is as good as music gets, as it launches D’Prince once more into the equation, reaffirming Jazzy’s place as one of the top beat chefs in the land, perhaps one of the greatest in the last one decade. This is not me saying this, this is his body of works telling us to keep calm and listen.


OYO is a hit, don’t believe me, ask your DJ he should testify.


Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)



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