Review: Deekay/ “Repete”



HKN presents us another Person of Interest in Deekay (birth names Dennis King), a half Nigerian half Ghanaian singer. His new single “Repete” is hot and we can feel it like carrying coals with bare hands. Shizzi – the producer – is in part responsible for this. His production is like a bridge, with the drums and strings playing supports that hoist the song. Shizzi is beastly like that. “Repete” is a dance song that should live up to billing any day; from the Pubs to the streets, and then the clubs, this one is likely to garner huge following. Some textures of Repete have that quality undertone and feel smeared over them, and this is impressive especially as there is an already known platform for the young singer to thrive. It says a lot about the near future for the Artist.


He isn’t just awesome on delivery, sources say Deekay can be really good on stage with his dance patterns, for which he seems a complete package. The shiniest parts of the song are the points Shizzi kill the sounds a bit, allowing the singer marry some Yoruba and Pidgin English with the tune, which works the scheme of things.


Repete is lovely, it makes for a good listen, and I believe Deekay has a lot more up his sleeves. He looks like one who can effortlessly make a hit, given the right promotions and wherewithal. He also looks like one who is actually set to make that chart-topping hit real soon; the question is when will he?


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Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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