Review: Banky W’s “Jaiye Ori Mi” Is Not The Average Video




In spite of all the junk materials out there today, we are still able to listen to good Nigerian music- like spend an average of 8 hours with quality music playing on our devices, we are still able to watch amazing videos and not give a second thought because it is from a local artiste. One of such reasons is Banky W.


“Jaiye Ori Mi” is a jam and half, and the video is a perfect representation that helps notch things higher. We are talking about feel good music here, one that acts somewhat as a motivation that gets you doing great things with your peoples. Yes, that song is “Jaiye Ori Mi”.


The video ended up being a brilliant effort that didn’t bore one bit all through. From the start, it struck me that the video might actually underwhelm, because there was nothing new Banky was singing about other than the usual. But Jaiye Ori Mi is crisp and refreshingly good. It is so good we forget about the size of his head enough to have this on steady repeat, and it is no surprise.


Superb stage presence, awesome choreography, in sync dance steps and visual clarity, amazing concept, screenplay and a good Clarence Peters shoot. For all the lapses in our videos today; for all the empty, booty-bouncing, random scenes out there today, Jaiye Ori Mi comes out as a breath of clean air. And once again, we give it up for the man who knows his music.


Watch this and rate, a Hit or a Miss?


Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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